This section is where we will upload actual data files from our research.  Our goal is to eventually make this data available to you to draw from and manipulate for your own research.  We expect to begin populating this data section robustly in the Fall of 2012.

So stay tuned for all this interesting information. We appreciate your consideration.

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  1. Funda Acikbas

    Dear Mr./Ms.,
    I am currently a master degree student in the University of Bologna. The program is called the Innovation and Organisation of Culture and the Arts. In the second year of the program, we should do an internship which will help to underlie my thesis. I am a turkish girl and I really wish to study on cultural policies which I believe that it is a crucial component for social transformation. In Turkey, there is a few research on this subject and is a very new area that several people work on it. My personal interest is mostly on the performing arts. I wish to learn more about your projects, and maybe find a chance to share your experiences. what I want to ask, could it be possible to do an internship in your organisation?

    Kind regards,
    Funda Acikbas

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