The Mayans Were Exactly Right

By Paul Nagle

2014 is the year for all artists  to show up.  It is time to get out in the streets, to dedicate ourselves to turning this around.  We have to fight for love and compassion for each other and responsibility to all of the creatures of the world, who now depend on us not to bring life on Earth to the brink of extinction.

I think the Mayan Calendar prediction did come true.  But we have become so conditioned to binary judgments, based on our feeble five senses that, because there was no obvious global cataclysm, we shrugged our shoulders and went back to shopping at the mall like good and complacent consumers.

MayanBut the world is collapsing around us under the weight of brutal individualism and market driven eco-destruction.  Duck Dynasty fills the headlines while the radioactive poison from Fukashima seeps quietly deeper into every pore of the Earth’s surface.  The arctic ice sheet became a puddle this year, but we were focused on Molly Cyrus.

Absolutely evil profiteers work behind the scenes, buying up legislators under the false and ridiculous banner of  “Energy Independence within 5 years” through shale extraction, which produces byproducts far more destructive to the environment than anything we have seen to date.  We all have a responsibility to speak up and I challenge all of our readers to become environmental activists in 2014, or accept your responsibility as an active contributor to the final destruction of life on the planet.

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